How Important is a Regular Roof Health Check?

By July 8, 2019 BLOG
Young man standing on a ladder inspecting an old roof

Your roof may look like it’s just sitting there, but it has an important job to do. When you consider everything it’s protecting, it makes sense to regularly inspect your roof for damage, weak points, and gaps where birds and animals could gain entry.

Wild winds, storms, relentless sun, lashing rain, hail, snow, your roof is exposed to everything Mother Nature throws at it, so at some point it’s likely to receive some damage. Rather than wait until you have to pay for costly repairs or even a new roof, give your roof an annual inspection.

Inspect from the Inside First

Look for obvious signs of water damage on your ceilings, as these will be evidence of a possible leak in the roof. Go into the roof cavity and check for daylight shining through, dark patches (which could be damp or mould), and check your ventilation is working well.

Ground Inspection

You can do a visual inspection of your roof from the ground, looking for obvious signs of damage. However, to really check the health of your roof, you need to get up there to inspect it. From the ground, you can check the condition of the eaves, downpipes, sagging gutters, flaking paint, mould, and cracks and gaps.

Before You Climb That Ladder

Before you climb onto the roof, take the time to plan out where you’ll walk, and what you’ll be doing up there. Put on a safety harness, throw your rope over the top of the roof, and tie it to something sturdy on the other side of the house. Wear suitable footwear and place the ladder on flat, firm ground. Make sure you have someone with you to keep the ladder stable. Let everyone in the house know what you’re doing, and never place the ladder in front of doorway.

What to Look For

Once you’re on the roof, look for obvious damage such as broken tiles, damaged flashing, rust marks, lifting tin sheets, and moss growth – indicating excess moisture build up. Inspect the gutters for debris, water pooling, and blockages, and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. Make note of any problems, and have them repaired as soon as possible to avoid more damage and bigger repair bills in the future.

Get a Professional Roof Check

Climbing onto your roof can be dangerous and risky. The best way to check your roof, and ensure peace of mind, is to get an annual roof check by a professional. It’s their job to safely check your roof for any problems, and advise on the best course of action.

Air Roofing offers a free roof health check, saving you time and money. Call us on 08 9361 6088, or contact us online to make an appointment for one of our professional roof experts to check your roof.

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