Under the regulations of Western Australia, any work concerning the replacement of roofs within both metropolitan and regional zones must not commence without securing and granting a building permit from your local council. If you do not have an approved project, workers, and all necessary permits, you are unnecessarily risking legal penalties. This holds significant weight, especially if there’s an intent to sell your property down the line, as unauthorised construction activities could lead to legal complications. At Air Roofing, we’re on hand to assist homeowners in facilitating the acquisition of Council permits and resolve any building approval issues.

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Getting Started on a Building Approval

Before commencing any roof replacement project, ensure the following criteria are met:

  • Building permits and Council approval are mandatory for all roof replacements within metropolitan areas.
  • Projects valued over $20,000 (inclusive of GST) necessitate execution by a Registered Building Company.
  • Our status as a Registered Builder (Licence No. BC102875) mandates the acquisition of an insurance policy safeguarding the client from any builder’s default for six years post-completion.
  • Council applications for initiatives exceeding $20,000 (inclusive of GST) will only be considered with the requisite insurance coverage in place.

How we Assist with Your Roof Council Permit

Air Roofing Co ensures comprehensive management of your project:

  • We’ll handle the entire documentation process for you, including acquiring the necessary Structural Engineer’s Tie Down details as stipulated by the Council, and submitting the building permit application on your behalf.
  • For projects valued over $20,000 (inclusive of GST), we will secure the requisite Home Indemnity Insurance on your behalf, as mandated by law. This insurance provides protection against any builder default for a period of six years after the project’s completion.

Navigating Council permits, insurance requirements, and legislation can be daunting, but we’re here to manage the entire process seamlessly. As roofing experts with over two and a half decades of prowess, completion of more than 20,000 projects, and a solid track record of client contentment, our expertise is unparalleled. Handling legalities, insurance specifics, and Council permits is second nature to us, and we’re more than willing to alleviate these burdens for you.

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