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Caring For Roofs On Commercial Buildings: Regular Roof Care For Your Business

By September 13, 2019March 23rd, 2020BLOG
Worker caring for commercial roof using abseiling equipment.

Poorly maintained roofs are common when it comes to commercial properties. It’s easy for business owners to put off roof repairs and maintenance in favour of other, more pressing issues. However, your roof is your first line of defence and often protects incredibly valuable assets. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance are essential to avoid the risk of weather damage or a mould contamination.

Do You Have a Roof Maintenance Plan?

The best way to ensure you keep on top of roof maintenance is to have a plan in place to keep track of the upkeep and provide a schedule for care and maintenance. It should include:

  • How often to carry out roof inspections
  • When the last roof inspection was
  • When the roof was installed
  • Roofing types and materials
  • Roof access system type and dates of certification
  • A log of roof repairs and updates
  • What the roof inspection process involves, including safety requirements
  • A detailed checklist of what to look for (e.g. corrosion, cracked sealants, pooling water)
  • The plan of action if damage or weaknesses are found
  • The duty holders (anyone who has a duty of care under the workplace health and safety act) and how they facilitate the safe inspections and maintenance works.

The best approach for routine roof maintenance is to arrange for regular inspections and checks from a professional roofing contractor. That way, businesses don’t have to keep on top of the maintenance themselves, and can instead focus on their core commercial activities.

Scheduling Regular Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Regular roof inspections and maintenance should be carried out at least twice a year by a professional contractor to extend the life of your roof and ensure it’s in the best condition. Since extreme weather is more likely to damage your commercial roof, it’s best to schedule roof inspections after the coldest and hottest times of the year.

Professional roof inspections allow contractors to scrutinise everything from installation to roofing attachments like skylights. Experienced contractors can detect small faults and errors you may otherwise miss. Your roofing contractor will take immediate action to repair damage or weak spots discovered during the inspection. Regular inspections and maintenance take far less time, money and effort than major roof repairs or a roof replacement.

Importance of Checks After Extreme Weather

Has there been a major storm or strong winds recently? It may be a good idea to have your roof inspected. Strong winds can dislodge roof flashings and cladding. Heavy rain can clog drains and create pools of standing water while clogged gutters and downpipes can overflow and flood the interior of your building. Hailstorms can create cracks, puncture roof materials and even cause a partial collapse. For these reasons, you should follow all major weather incidents with a roof inspection to assess any damage and address it before it becomes a major problem.

Professional Roof Inspections and Repairs Perth

Air Roofing has provided quality commercial roof inspections, installations and repairs across Perth for over 30 years. To book your roof in for an inspection or for any other maintenance or repair services, get in touch with us today by calling 61 8 9361 6088 or contact us online and we’ll solve your roof problems at your earliest convenience.