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Common Problems with Commercial Roofs

By February 13, 2020March 24th, 2020BLOG
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Flat roofs are common in many industrial and commercial buildings as well as on our garages, sheds, awnings, porches and sun rooms at home. In some parts of the world, they’re also a popular option for the roof of your home. Having a flat roof may seem counter-intuitive to some, but there’s a few good reasons why they’re a popular option.

Like the name suggests, these roofs are almost completely level. This offers a variety of advantages, such as being easier and cheaper to install, being easy to access for inspections and maximising the benefits of solar panel installations by allowing them to receive sun throughout the day. However, they are also prone to several problems.



Water is your biggest enemy when it comes to roof damage. This is the reason why sloped roofs are standard. You want water to spend as little time on your roof as possible, running immediately off the surface into your gutters, thereby protecting it from damage. Flat roofs mean water takes more time to drain or in some cases pools up in the corners of the roof. This causes damage over time and can eventually leak through to your ceiling, encouraging mould growth, causing stains and creating structural damage.

This can be prevented by ensuring there is a slight slope during the initial roof installation or with good quality roof plumbing. Discuss drainage and overflows with your roofing contractor, which can be built into your flat roof to quickly remove water. Ensure you have your drains inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. An overflow and drainage systems on your flat roof are easily blocked by twigs and leaves.


Loose Flashings

Flashing is a crucial part of any roof installation as it keeps water from seeping through joints and other gaps where sheets of metal connect or where your roof meets your wall. Flashing protects these gaps by sealing sheets of metal to them so water can’t leak into your roof and cause significant water damage.

With a flat roof, water doesn’t drain as quickly, meaning it can wear away at the flashing faster than usual or cause mould growth underneath the flashing. To prevent this, ensure your flashing is secured with a water-tight sealant when installing flat metal roofing.


Poor Maintenance

Considering the increased wear and tear flat roofs can face, it’s essential to keep on top of regular maintenance. Even the smallest leak can cause big problems such as rotting and structural weakness. Ensure you get regular roof inspections and keep up with preventative maintenance so your flashings and other aspects of your roof don’t deteriorate to a point where leaks, mould growth and water damage might become a problem.


Quality Roof Inspections and Repairs in Perth

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