How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Roof

By April 13, 2020 BLOG

Your roof can last anywhere from 20 years to 75 years depending on a wide range of factors such as what type of roof it is, how well it was installed and much more. While some factors that reduce our roof’s lifespan, such as the weather and local climate, are out of our control, homeowners can control others. Below we look at the most common factors that influence the lifespan of a roof and what you can do to extend it.



The weather and local climate can play a significant role on how long your roof lasts. Extreme weather deteriorates a roof quickly. This includes storms and high winds as well as unusually high or low temperatures. If you live somewhere that gets very hot in summer and very cold in winter, your roof may deteriorate faster than somewhere with year-round mild temperature as the roof will expand and contract more often, leading to more wear and tear.

Choosing the right type of roof for where you live is the best way of ensuring it lasts as long as possible. For example, metal roofing is an ideal choice for a place like Perth as it is excellent at withstanding high temperatures and reflecting solar radiant heat, meaning your home stays cool during the hot and dry summers Perth is prone to experiencing. Metal roofing can sustain wind gusts of more than 220 km an hour.


Regular Cleaning

A neglected roof doesn’t last as long. Keeping your roof, gutters and downpipes clean prevents wear and tear. If your roof plumbing is partially or completely blocked, water can pool in areas on your roof, which can eventually corrode aspects of your roof or encourage the growth of mould and algae. You can also install gutter guards to prevent the build-up of leaves and other debris in your gutters and downpipes.



While a significant amount of damage to your roof comes from above, it can also come from below. On a warm summer day, the temperature in a poorly ventilated attic can soar between 40 to 70 degrees. This level of heat can fry roof tiles from underneath. It can also warp wooden framing that supports the roof, weakening the roof structure.

An improperly ventilated roof space can also build up moisture, eventually rotting the wood that supports the roof. Prevent this by providing adequate ventilation using intake vents under the soffit of the roof, installing whirlybirds or exhaust vents along the ridge of the roof.


Professional Roof Inspections and Repairs Perth

Ensuring your roof is inspected at least every two years and properly maintained by a professional roofing contractor is also essential for maximising its lifespan. Air Roofing has provided quality commercial roof inspections, installations and repairs across Perth for over 30 years. To book your roof in for an inspection or for any other maintenance or repair services, get in touch with us today by calling 61 8 9361 6088 or contact us online and we’ll solve your roof problems at your earliest convenience.