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Should you Install Solar Roof Panels?

By June 10, 2018March 23rd, 2020BLOG
Solar Panels Installed On Rooftop

If you look around your neighbourhood, you’ll notice a lot more houses have solar panels on the roof these days. But are the savings on your energy bills really worth the expense and inconvenience of having them installed on your roof?

What Exactly Do Solar Panels Do?

Large solar panels sit on your roof and collect sunlight which is converted into direct current electrical energy. An inverter then converts that into alternating current for use in your home. Any excess is either stored in batteries to use at night, or on cloudy days, or fed back into the main electricity grid for which you receive an agreed payment.

How Effective are Solar Panels?

Solar panels can be bought with different efficiency ratings. The greater the efficiency of one panel, the less of those panels you’ll need to install. In theory, if you buy panels with greater efficiency, you’ll save on installation costs because you won’t need as many installed. However, if you have a lot of roof space, it might cost less to install more of the less energy efficient panels because they’re cheaper to buy. This is where you need to consult with an expert before making a decision.

What you might not know is that solar panels become less efficient as they get warmer, so you’ll generate less electricity on very hot days. However, you can buy panels with a lower temperature coefficient which will work better in very hot and sunny climates.

Solar panels are traditionally installed in a north facing position, away from trees and other buildings that will shade them.

Ways to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency

There are a few ways to get more from your solar panels and increase your electricity savings. Feeding your excess electricity back into the main grid isn’t the most cost-effective method. Storing it in batteries for use later will provide more savings. After all, it’s free, and how do you know the tariff you’re being paid for it is fair?

Where to install your solar panels will depend on whether the house is empty most days, or whether you’re home all day. It used to be standard practice to install the panels on a north-facing area of the roof where most of the energy will be generated around midday, but that’s not practical if no one is home to use it. A better solution is to install some solar panels on an east-facing side for morning energy use, and some on a west-facing side for late afternoon when everyone comes home and energy use increases.

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

Solar panels are definitely worth the investment, especially with the many government rebates and incentives available. The trick is to do your homework first and buy the best ones for your needs. Have them installed in a place where the sun hits them at your peak energy times, and store the excess power in batteries to use later.

If you don’t like the look of ugly solar panels on your roof, the latest roofing incorporates glass solar panels into the actual roof tiles, so you can’t even see them.

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