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The Need for Speed: Why You Shouldn’t Delay a Roof Repair

By May 13, 2019March 23rd, 2020BLOG
A worker replaces tiles on the roof of a home

When was the last time you had your roof inspected? Minor damage can go unnoticed for months or years, all the while creating bigger problems. The roof is one of the most neglected areas of our home when it comes to regular checks and preventative maintenance. Ensuring you keep your roof in good condition with regular checks and speedy roof repairs can help you avoid more expensive and disruptive repair jobs.


Water can reach the decking, plywood, rafters or timbers, underlayments, joists, and structural beams causing them to rot. This creates a grave issue capable of compromising even the highest quality roofs. Moisture can damage the ceilings and walls inside your home, creating further issues.

Minor Problems Get Worse

The longer you delay roof repairs, the more serious the damage can become. Small leaks can grow, eventually threatening the structural integrity of your entire roof. When water or moisture reaches your fixtures, fittings and electrical appliances, it can create serious fire risk or electrical hazards. A leak can impact the integrity of the entire structure of your house and could cause the roof to collapse.

Energy Use

In addition to the risk of leaks, gaps, holes and uneven roof tiles on your roof compromise its functions. Your heating and cooling systems must work harder, leading to higher bills in both winter and summer. Without a well-functioning roof, your home isn’t properly insulated, sending your costs soaring.

Mould Growth

A leaky or unsealed roof allows moisture in, making it the ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew growth. When this happens, it can damage your home and create hazards to your health. Once mould sets into your roof and other areas in your home, it can be extremely difficult and expensive to get rid of.

Premature Replacement

The longer you delay roof repairs, the weaker your roof becomes, as it’s more susceptible to the elements. What could have been a simple, inexpensive roof repair job may instead be an expensive roof replacement project.

Increased Risk of Pests

Gaps in your roof allow pests like mice, possums, cockroaches and other insects to get in. These pests don’t need a lot of space to enter your home. For example, mice can get in through a hole the size of a coin.

The Real Damage May Be Hidden

Another reason to avoid delaying roof repairs is that you might not see how bad the damage is just by looking at your roof. For example, signs of worn or damaged tiles might be indicative of underlayment damage which can cause serious moisture issues the next time there is a storm. If you notice any kind of minor problem, it’s best to have a professional roof inspection carried out immediately to find out the full extent of the problem.

Reliable Roof Repairs in Perth

For over 30 years, Air Roofing has provided quality roof inspections, installations and repairs across Perth. To book your roof in for a repair, get in touch with us today by calling 61 8 9361 6088 or contact us online and we’ll solve your roof problems at your earliest convenience.