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Why Is Roof Ventilation Important?

By March 28, 2018March 23rd, 2020BLOG
Black Roof Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, the air in your property becomes stifled and creates uncomfortable living and working conditions. Many property owners aren’t aware that their current ventilation may be doing more harm than good. This article talks about the importance of roof ventilation during the installation of a new or old roof.

Why You Need Proper Ventilation

Roof ventilation is one of the most important aspects of your property. Not only does it affect the air quality in your home, poor insulation can cause the shingles on your roof to weaken a lot faster. If you notice that the air in your property is becoming harder to breathe, it may be a sign of poor ventilation. Stifled air can cause serious health problems, especially to those with pre-existing breathing difficulties.

Proper ventilation is a cost-effective way of reducing hot air from building up in your roof space.  Doing this will greatly decrease any moisture in your roof and help keep temperatures down.

Give Whirlybirds a Whirl

One of the best investments you can make for your home’s ventilation is a whirlybird. Also known as a turbine vent, a whirlybird is a cylindrical dome with fins that spin around in the wind. They are the ideal ventilation solution to remove hot air from the confines of a roof space. Easy to install, our turbine vents are semi-mechanical, creating a vacuum to suck hot air out of a closed space and leaving you with cooler, fresher air circulating around your home. A new whirlybird will have a great impact on your home because they are cost-effective and require minimal disruption during installation.

Positive Impacts

One of the biggest impacts of good ventilation is keeping your amenity bills down. With gas and electricity prices soaring at ridiculous rates, homeowners are being encouraged to look at other ways to keep their indoor temperature stable. A new whirlybird vent from Air Roofing not only removes the hot air from your ceiling space, it helps keep your home cool during summer.

As well as that, air ventilation helps you reduce your carbon footprint as you rely less on your heating and cooling systems. Combining ventilation with proper insulation can make your home eco-friendly and comfortable. We all know the discomfort that comes with a hot house, but the less you rely on your air conditioner, the better it is for your hip-pocket, your health and the environment.

Speak to Air Roofing about Your Ventilation

Don’t let poor air ventilation in your home become an unliveable issue. A quality air ventilator not only improves your home’s breathability, it helps circulate any moisture out of the property. Don’t put up with uncomfortable living conditions anymore. To book your roof in for a new whirly bird, call Air Roofing today on (08) 6166 0545.